Paul Stanley of KISS Visits Ear Craft, Vintage Guitar Project In the Works!

Ear Craft Music proprietor Brian Fischer has been collecting guitars for a long time. His collection includes a lot of different guitars, but his favorite has always been the Gibson Firebird. In fact, the antique shop that he and his wife Stephanie Fischer run during the summer months is called Firebird Farm Antiques. Recently, Brian has begun a partnership with guitar guru Gord Miller of GM Vintage Restorations on making select pieces of the collection completed and available for sale. Gord Miller has also been working with KISS frontman Paul Stanley on his signature Washburn Starfire “Time Traveler” model. Recently, Brian hosted Paul Stanley at Firebird Farm while KISS was on tour in New Hampshire and they talked shop on vintage guitars and a whole lot more.

Thanks to Paul and Gord’s visit, Brian was presented an incredible Washburn Starfire Time Traveler for his own collection. While this specific guitar is not available for sale, it is on display at Ear Craft Music and does offer great insight into just what this team of players and craftsmen are producing. If you want one of these beauties for yourself, we can get you one! The Washburn Time Traveler guitars are hand crafted and aged to look, feel and play as if they’re 40 years old. Built in the Washburn USA Custom Shop, these limited edition guitars utilize premium woods and components for incredible tone and unmatched playability. Each guitar feels and plays as if it were a worn and well broken in old friend. No two are alike, making each one a collectible in its own right and a Certificate of Authenticity is included with each. You can learn even more about this series here.

Mark this post as the first story about many forthcoming projects that will be spearheaded by Brian Fischer and Gord Miller. Ear Craft Music and GM Vintage Restorations will be making some excellent examples of a vintage guitar collection available for sale very soon, so stay tuned! These guitars illustrate why Ear Craft Music is “Where the Pros Shop!”

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