Ear Craft Hosts Songwriting Workshop with Bill Staines

Time: 2-4pm, Sunday September 8th

Cost: $30 for workshop. Cash, check, or credit cards accepted.

Where do song ideas come from?

What are the musical motifs that make up a beautiful and compelling melody?

How does one come up with compelling lyrics?

In this informal workshop, Bill covers the ABC’s of songwriting from the very beginning of the process, to the actual process of writing a song. These are all discussed in the workshop. It is important that a listener wants to hear the song again. Why? Because the song offers compelling melodies and lyrics.

Bill also spends time in going over what royalties are all about, how to set up your own publishing company and protecting your copyright.

Each individual has a different approach to songwriting, but this workshop will offer information for even the most experienced musician. It is a very subjective process and yet, there are universal approaches to it. Come and explore the world of the songwriter. Bring instruments if you like, bring questions. It’ll be fun.

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