Considering Music Lessons? Learn An Instrument here at Ear Craft!

Ear Craft Music offers an exceptional lesson program with quality instruction at a very affordable rate. Our lessons are only $20 for a half hour lesson, and you only need to sign up for a month at a time. Please visit our lesson page for more information about our instructors, rate, and instruments taught. Something to keep in mind is that having private music lessons for young students can be an excellent way to reinforce the lessons they are learning in Band as they get begin to read and understand written music and notation.

Our resident Band Instrument Instructor, Ed Mitchell, has decades of experience helping these students not only read and perform this music more proficiently, but he utilizes popular music to keep his students enjoying the experience. His more advanced students and those who seek an opportunity to play in a larger ensemble has also participated in his Summer Jazz Ensemble program. This past summer proved to be one of the most successful program yet and the band sounded great! For more information about the plethora of instrument Ed teaches, visit the link provided above or contact us directly, we are here to help.


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