Looking for Used Gear? Selling or Trading? Visit Us!

Here at Ear Craft we are always on the hunt for great used gear, be it the everyday sort of guitars and amps to violins, band instruments, to rarer and older pieces. While some items can get overstocked, we are normally very interested in working out a deal for your used gear. Recently we got in a number of older tube amps from Fender, Silvertone, Gibson, Kent, plus a few old “odd” brands you might have seen in department stores when Beatlemania was in it’s prime.

We also have some great acoustics available! We recently acquired a Pre-WWII Martin D-28 “Harringbone” from 1939. This guitar was painstakingly restored by Pat DiBurro. Stay tuned for more information about this awesome relic guitar. We also have an outrageous Taylor “BTO” in Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce. You can find more information about it here.

Interested in selling or trading some of your used gear? Please feel free to contact us via email, telephone, or even just bring it in! We normally prefer to see the item and test it in person, but given enough information and photos, we may be able to assist you online as well. Stay tuned for some product updates on the website, we have some cool new items to show you soon.

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