Michael Kelly: Guitars and More!

One of the best import guitars these days (and for a while) is Michael Kelly. The company is now producing it’s instruments exclusively in South Korea. Through the ten years Ear Craft Music has carried this line, the guitars, basses, and mandolins have been a heavy hitter in the value category. They look great, sound great, and play great while being very affordable for the working musician.

Back in 2004, Ear Craft owner Brian Fischer met Richard from Michael Kelly and developed a professional friendship that has lasted to this day. The Michael Kelly line derives it’s name from Richard’s two children. Recently, Richard has sent us some hand-picked and beautiful versions of the recent Michael Kelly line, including a limited edition Patriot with a beautiful Spalted Maple top that is limited to just 35 worldwide. We will be posting some product pages for these great instruments soon, so stop in sometime and give them a demo; they are worth the drive.

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