The Redesigned Taylor 800 Series

Taylor 816ce First Edition Redesign Top Detail

The Redesigned Taylor 800 Series

There is something about the Taylor 800 series of guitars that is classic and enduring. So how do you improve on a classic? Certain choices have been made to bring the 2014 800 series back to the guitar playing public’s attention, and no, it’s not just being prettied up a little bit. While the aesthetic details may seem a little demure compared to previous incarnations of the 800 series, this First Edition is tastefully redesigned with natural elements of Abalone, Maple, and Rosewood that clues you in on the kind of sound this guitar offers.

Being a Grand Symphony loaded with Indian Rosewood back & sides with a Solid Sitka top, this guitar speaks with clear articulation on every string and note. While some have described previous versions of the 816ce “bright,” and perhaps may lament the sparkle of the treble end, this re-voiced 816ce has a different and distinctively less jangly tone that fans of a fast responding guitar will appreciate. The new Taylor Expression System 2 reinforces this idea, as the new electronics being offered by Taylor are a radical departure from previous system designs. While the Expression System used two pickup systems blended together, (a body sensor placed adjacent to the bridge combined with a magnetic pickup behind the last fret under the neck) the new ES-2 offers a familiar placement with a distinct advantage. The ES-2 combines three fully adjustable body sensor pickups under the bridge plate inside the body between sets of strings. One between the E/A, D/G, & B/e respectively. The sound it produces offers a more articulate response when amplified while still capturing the “acoustic” tone of the instrument. Ear Craft Music suggests you try one out for yourself and take a good listen. This guitar is available now, but in limited quantities!


Solid Indian Rosewood Back & Sides
Sitka Spruce Top
Re-voiced Bracing
3.5-mil Gloss finish body
“First Edition” guitar label
Pale Maple Binding & Back strip
Rosewood Top Edge Trim
Abalone Rosette Outline with Rosewood
Rosewood Pickguard
Marbled Ebony Fingerboard
Mother of Pearl ‘Element’ Inlay (exclusive First Edition matching Headstock Inlay)
Gold Taylor Tuners
Venetian Cutaway
Taylor Expression System 2 Electronics
Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Case marked “First Edition”

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