Looking for a great selection of new and used folk instruments?

Looking for a great selection of new and used folk instruments? Then by all means, please come and visit us! Ear Craft Music has the widest selection of new and used instruments, including Banjos, Mandolins, Dulcimers, Ukuleles, Lap Steel & Resophonic guitars, Accordians, Harmonicas, Melodicas, Fiddles and other bowed string instruments and even some very rare and unique instruments. We even have the staff on hand to help you learn how to play these great instruments!

In the banjo department, we carry the Deering line of banjos, including selections from the Professional series and the more affordable yet still 100% American made Goodtime series. We stock the 5 string openback and resonator models, as well as 4 string tenor banjos for jazz and Celtic music players. We also get banjos from Savannah and Washburn to widen our selection. We even get in the occasional 6 string banjo/guitar or  “Banjitar” and Uke/banjos or “Banjoleles!”

On the topic of ukuleles, we are proud to announce we are now dealers for the Kala family of ukes, including the U-Bass. We are expecting to receive our initial order of Kala ukes and U-Basses in early March, so stay tuned for those to be in-stock! We also keep the Oscar Schmidt line and Lanikais, so we now have more Ukes that ever.

Looking for a mandolin? Or perhaps want to learn how to play one? We can help! Visit our lessons page to learn how our teaching staff can impart knowledge on how to play these instruments, including guitars, tenor banjo, ukulele, and mandolin. For mandos, we normally have a great selection of A and F styles, including models from Fender, The Loar, Micheal Kelly, Oscar Schmidt, and even the occasional used Gibson!

Looking for something else? Please contact us! If we don’t have it already, we might be able to get it!

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