Used & New Drums, Cymbals, Hand Percussion, Hardware and More!

As one of the largest independent music stores in New England, Ear Craft Music provides a wide selection of musical instruments in just about every category you would expect. While our acoustic guitar and folk instrument selection makes us quite popular, we also have a considerable selection of Drum Set & Percussion gear. We easily have the best selection of drums in Dover, New Hampshire and we often have great used and vintage snare drums, cymbals, drum sets, and add-ons.

Recently we have seen an increase in our inventory of 60s and 70s Japanese copies of Ludwig and Slingerland style kits. Today we are going through and putting some fresh Evans heads on this “Rootbear Pearl” kit from Japan we acquired. We will have some photos of the kit on the website soon. We also have a great all-maple  Slingerland kit with a beautiful natural gloss finish. You can check it out here.

Looking for some great deals on new and used cymbals? From Zildjian to Sabian and even the high-value Stagg cymbals, Ear Craft has a great selection of new and used cymbals for your kit. We love trades and encourage our customers to bring in old gear they are no longer interested in using when you come by the store to check out new gear.

Looking for something specific? Please contact us, we may have it! Thanks for reading.

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