Taylor Guitars 150e: Big 12 String Sound at a Small Price!

Introducing the Taylor Guitars 150e, the most affordable Taylor 12-string ever! This guitar is now available at Ear Craft Music and it sounds great. This is the latest model added to Taylor’s 100 series of guitars, which offers an incredible value for players who want the Taylor sound and play-ability on a budget. The Taylor Guitars 150e is configured in the classic dreadnought body shape and is constructed with layered sapele back and sides with a solid sitka spruce top. The sapele neck is very playable as the width at the nut is 1-7/8 inches and the action all the way to the body is quite low without causing buzzing issues. This guitar is equipped with the Taylor Expression System, which will sound great on stage or with the band. As a Taylor dealer for a quite a while, Ear Craft Music has been asking about a 12 string at this level and Taylor Guitars has delivered! The 150e will make a great addition to a guitarist’s lineup, as we have heard from many customers looking to add a stage-ready acoustic electric 12 string Taylor without paying the better part of two thousand dollars. For more information on specifications of the instrument, check our Taylor Guitars spec sheet. 

My own experience of playing the Taylor Guitars 150e is a very enjoyable one. The tone this guitar offers meets expectations of what I would want in a 12 string. It offers most of what you want in a 12 string, including the sparkle and brightness for big, open chords as well as easy playing as you get close the 12 fret. In the YouTube demo embedded to this page, I also play some open tuned DADGAD riffs and licks that are some of my favorite things to play on my 2013 Taylor 416ce Fall Limited. This guitar offers a new twist on those favorite songs and guitar pieces without having to readjust my playing style too much. I can envision taking this guitar along for a couple of songs at a gig and making the switch between instruments effortlessly.

The Taylor Guitars 150e is the affordable 12 string guitar that we have been waiting for. I would not be a bit surprised to see this guitar becoming one of the best selling instruments in the Taylor Guitars catalog. Check one out for yourself!

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