Line 6 Amplifi- More Than Just a Guitar Amp!

line 6 amplifi

line 6 amplifi

With devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone becoming increasingly popular and commonplace, music instrument products are now being developed that integrate Bluetooth connectivity so that you can use the iOS device to interface with these products, leading to interesting results. In the Pro Audio world, mixers have been using this concept to remotely control certain features, even mixing monitors and front of house sound on the fly. Line 6 now offers a guitar amp with a similar design philosophy; the Amplifi series.

Ear Craft Music is now offering the Line 6 Amplifi 75, the most affordable version of this new design that blurs the line between a consumer electronic audio device and a musical instrument guitar amp. This amp offers everything you would expect from a Line 6 guitar amp, including hundreds of amp models and effects with a level of control that allows users to customize their own sounds. Using the free Line 6 Amplifi App available in the Apple App Store, you can access these controls using your iOS device to control effects paramters, eq, amp type, mic simulations, and much more.

What really makes the Amplifi stand out from other guitar amps is how great it sounds as home stereo that plays music right off of your phone or iPad. Because of the Bluetooth integration, you no longer need to search around for the 3.5mm cable to plug in. Just turn everything on, connect the devices, and play your favorite music. Not only does it sound great, but it looks great, too. A perfect solution for those looking for a small practice amp in the living room without taking it over and turning in into another “Music Room.” Stop by Ear Craft to check out this innovative product and test drive it for yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We love hearing from you!

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