USA Made Deering Banjos- Current In-Stock & Specials

Deering Banjos are synonymous with quality. Greg Deering and his family have been building these wonderful instruments since 1975 and it continues to be “the family business.” Having served over 100,000 customers to date, the Deering brand has come into its own among the major names in American made banjos. Ear Craft Music has been offering these instruments as a dealer for a while now, and we have an excellent selection of Deering Banjos available in stock at all times. Our best sellers are the Goodtime Banjos, which offer a 6-year warranty when purchased from Ear Craft Music. The Goodtime 5-String Openback is a great playing, sounding, and easy to take with you American made machine for those learning the banjo or those looking for a quality step-up from cheaper import models.

Deering Banjos Calico

Deering Banjos Calico

While the Goodtime models continue to be extremely popular, the Professional series of banjos are undeniably beautiful and provide players with a refined sound and feel for any genre of banjo music. They include lifetime warranties, beautiful leather wrapped cases, and tone. From the Boston models thay pay homage to the New England tradition of banjos to the very refined Calico, Ear Craft Music is here to assist you with the banjo of your dreams.

For more information about the Deering Banjo company, visit their website.


Please stop in to try our selection of Deering Banjos in stock now! 

Deering Boston 5 Maple $1595.00

Deering Boston 6-String Banjo “Banjitar” $1899.99

Deering Calico 5-String Banjo Curly Maple With Case $3899.99

Deering Eagle-II Stained Maple 5 String Banjo With Case $2195.00

Deering Goodtime Openback Banjo $399.99

Deering Goodtime-II Resonator $589.99

Deering Goodtime Zombie Killer Resonator $899.99

Deering Goodtime Classic 2 Resonator $795.99

Deering Goodtime Left-Handed Openback 5-String $429.99

Deering Goodtime Special Left-Handed Resonator $799.99

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