Fishman Triple Play Demo Unit Coming This Week

Try The Triple Play in Person!

Fishman Triple Play

Fishman Triple Play

The Fishman Triple Play Midi Guitar Controller was designed to unlock your guitar’s potential. It is a dynamic tool that allows guitar players to easily access a universe of sounds and features, many of which come bundled with the Triple Play controller and pickup. This device allows electric guitar players to compose and notate their live performances right to their computer or iOS devices such as an IPad. Coming this week, Ear Craft Music will have a demo unit available in-store for those interested in getting a more intimate idea of how the device works and how you can interface with your favorite apps and plug ins. We are now stocking the Triple Play for those who wish to take this powerful tool home and put it to use!

A little more about Triple Play….

Part of what makes this device so interesting is how easy and convenient it is to use. It is not a “permanent” install and will not damage your guitar. It attaches and detaches in very little time, allowing you to use whatever guitar you like. It sends wireless information to the included USB dongle that interfaces with soft synths, notation programs, and even your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for recording. This means you do not need to worry about cables and the controller even has its own internal rechargeable battery.

Because the pickup senses each string on it’s own, you can assign instrument sounds to specific strings, allowing users to combine sounds for distinctive instrument orchestration. The possibilities are virtually limitless. The demonstration guitar and Triple Play system will be arrive at Ear Craft on Friday, September 26th and we look forward to getting your feedback on the features and sounds this new generation of synth guitar!

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