Top Gift Ideas for Beginner Musicians

Top Gift Ideas for Beginner Musicians

Looking for gift ideas for beginner musicians? With November upon us, our customers are already getting ready for the holidays and we are here to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Musicians can be tricky to shop for as we are normally very savvy to new gear and tend to acquire the stuff we want to get that tone. With that in mind, we have assembled a list of items that any musician would love to have for a birthday or holiday present. Many of these items will make their practice more enjoyable and convenient by linking up with iOS devices, but we also have some straight-ahead ideas that do not require an iPad or other technology to be great.

1. An audio interface for iPad and/or laptop.

Gift Ideas for Beginner Musicians IRig Pro

Example: IK Multimedia iRig Pro $149.99

Ear Craft has recently added a lot of new devices that allow musicians, vocalists, and people interested in podcasting to turn their iPad or computer into a mobile recording studio. The iRig Pro allows you to interface your guitar, keyboard, bass, or a microphone to your mobile device or computer and let you use your favorite apps and software on the go. All you need to do is plug in, put on some headphones, and you are ready to play! That brings us to our next item that anyone would appreciate- quality headphones!

2. Studio Quality Headphones-
Example: Audio Technica ATH-M30X $69.99 ATH-M30X

Having a great sounding and comfortable set of headphones is something any music lover will appreciate. For those looking to record and mix their musical ideas, having quality headphones helps our considerably. Who wouldn’t mind having an extra set around?

3. A New Instrument!
Example: Kala Mahogany Concert Ukulele $99.99Kala KA-C Concert Uke

Ukuleles have become very popular over the last five years or so, but many musicians still do not own one. They are very fun, easy to learn, and travel just about anywhere. Ukes make great gifts for just about anyone. Throw in a starter book and you are ready to go! If the musician on your list is a ukulele player, maybe it would be time for them to try a guitar or a keyboard? We have you covered, because up next is…

4. USB Midi Controller/ Keyboard
Example: Samson Graphite M25 $89.99Samson Graphite M25

It has never been easier to take a small keyboard with you anywhere you go, plug it into your iPhone or iPad, choose a favorite keyboard app (there are many inexpensive and free piano and synthesizer apps) and start making music. The future of electronic music will be made on these small keyboards in portable home studios. They also make great practice tools for piano and keyboard students they can take anywhere!

5. A Starter Acoustic Guitar
Example: Fender DG8S Solid Top Acoustic Pack $199.99Fender DG8S Pack

Every guitar player has to have their first guitar, and there is nothing like having your very own first guitar. This is where many guitar players create an identity with the instrument, learning some favorite songs and strumming along with friends. For someone who has expressed an interest in the instrument, there is no great gift than give them the tool to get started. The Fender DG8S pack gives them a quality instrument that is easy to play, plus it features a solid spruce top so it sounds great as well.

There are lots of great gift ideas available every day at Ear Craft Music. Our sales staff is here to help you make an informed, no-pressure purchase that you know you and your gift recipient will enjoy for years to come. We love to talk to you about your questions! Please call or email us, we enjoy hearing from you.

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