The Mesa Boogie Express Plus 5:25, Mini Rectifier, and more!

The Mesa Boogie Express Plus 5:25, Mini Rectifier, and more!

Mesa Boogie Express 5-25 & PRS Custom 24 S2

Here at Ear Craft Music, we have been looking forward to offering our customers the legendary Mesa Boogie tone and the day is here! We recently merchandised several great Boogie amps, including the awesome little Mini Rectifier, the highly versatile Express Plus series, and a full-range of drive and distortion pedals. While many know Mesa Boogie for the high gain crunch of the Dual and Triple Rectifier amps, these new Express Plus amps offer great guitar tone for those players looking for classic electric guitar tone suitable for Blues, Country, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, and many other styles that desire tone ranging from crystal clear cleans for raucous lead sounds.

Check out the video demo of the Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 series at the top of this page and you will begin to understand the quality and wide range of tone options that these amplifiers offer. By listening to the many settings and guitar combinations Mesa used to produce the video, you can hear that the amp retains the personality of each guitar type while taking the sound and style even further. The Express 5:25 is a true musical instrument in its own right, allowing any guitar player to tailor their sound in a variety of performance situations. For more information about the Express Plus, check out the Mesa Boogie site here.

Mesa Boogie Mini RectifierFor those looking for Hard Rock and Metal tone, the Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier head is already here and has been turning heads. Our own resident rock guitar instructor Scot Gelzinis, well known for using his Peavey 5150 Full Stack, commented that he can get the aggressive rock tone quality he loves at a much lower volume and  he can take it almost anywhere! It weighs in at a mere 12 pounds and is under 13″ wide, yet its all tube 25 watts will blow you away. Included is a 1 button footswitch and carrying case. Leave a cab at home and in your rehearsal space and take this little beast everywhere! This amp is available to purchase right here!

Stay tuned for the next round arrivals, including the Recto Verb 25 and Mark Five 25 amps, plus Mesa Boogie Bass Amps!


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