The Taylor Grand Orchestra: Revisiting the 2013 Acoustic Guitar of the Year

The Taylor Grand Orchestra:

Revisiting the 2013 Acoustic Guitar of the Year

When the  Taylor Grand Orchestra was first introduced in 2013, it won several awards from trade organizations the world over. The new design from Andy Powers was meant to update on the concept of the Jumbo guitar, but with one key difference; Andy wanted it to sound Jumbo. So many traditional Jumbo designs certainly had large dimensions, but many players considered them only “big” when they were configured as a 12 string. While many still appreciate the style and tone of the traditional Jumbo, the Grand Orchestra design uses its considerable size and balanced bracing to achieve Taylor’s biggest and most complex voice to date.

Taylor Grand Orchestra 518eWhen talking about the size of the Taylor Grand Orchestra, it may be useful to compare it to other models in the lineup. The Grand Orchestra’s body length is 20 & 5/8″, body width is 16 & 3/4″, and the depth is 5″. Compare that to the most popular Taylor Guitar shape, the Grand Auditorium, which is 20″ x 16″ x 4& 5/8″. While the GO is certainly larger, the biggest difference is the actual depth of the body. This larger acoustic chamber assists the back and top in pumping out a powerful low-end response with balanced mid and treble. A real achievement with this guitar is that unlike other big acoustic guitar that require a heavy handed approach to get the big sound results, the Taylor Grand Orchestra is designed and braced to respond to a light touch, allowing finger picking guitar players access to a “piano guitar” while still allowing aggressive players the power house guitar they can dig into for big sound and projection.

If you are seeking out an acoustic guitar that will gives you power and rich detail, you need to try out the Grand Orchestra. Check one out here at Ear Craft Music, we are here to provide with you with a great guitar buying experience!


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