Ear Craft Music Repair Center: Broken Gear Fixed Here!

Ear Craft Music Repair Ear Craft Music Repair Center : Get Your Broken Gear Fixed Here!

Ear Craft Music has been serving the great New Hampshire Seacoast area since 1974 with musical instrument sales, service, PA rentals, installations, music lessons, and much more. One of our most valuable services is our music repair center. We have a team of repair technicians with decades of combined experience in fixing just about anything related to musical instruments and pro audio reinforcement and recording. From acoustic and electric guitars to brass and woodwinds to guitar and PA amplifiers, speakers, keyboard, microphones, wireless systems, even turntables and vintage gear, our team is here to get your items back up and running!

Our repair team is well experienced and can handle almost any repair job you have in mind. If you have a question that this information cannot answer, please contact us here at the store and we can help you out. If you are looking for an estimated cost of repair, please bring the item in for evaluation.

Labor Rate: $85 per hour

Estimate Charge: Subject to hourly rate for diagnosis. Estimate fee will be waived if repair is performed.

Repair Warranty: All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days. If the original issue persists, labor fees will be waived on further repair. Any new parts that are required are still charged to the customer.

Repair times vary; therefore, it is not possible to estimate exactly when a repair will be finished. We do our best to complete each repair as quickly as possible. Ear Craft Music cannot be responsible for damage to items not in a case. We take great care to protect your item: however, we must stress that importance of supplying a case when dropping off a repair. A rush service is available for an additional $30. We will examine your item within 3 days and the item is placed on our highest priority list. This rush service DOES NOT guarantee that the item will be repaired in 3 days. Warranty claims for repair items not purchased at Ear Craft Music may be subject to a $35 fee.

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