Mesa Boogie Guitar and Bass Amps Now in Stock!


Downtown Dover, New Hampshire is about get some tone! Ear Craft Music is excited to announce that as of Fall 2014, we will be dealers for the contemporary yet classic amplifier company Mesa Boogie. We will be stocking some of their latest and cutting edge designs, including the new 25 Watt versions of the Mark Five, Duel Rectifier (or “Mini Rectifier,”) and the Recto-Verb. Ear Craft Music will stock a variety of heads, cabs, and combos for those looking for specific configurations. We will also be able to order up custom design configurations of coverings and grill clothes for our customers looking to stand out from the crowd.

We will also carry Mesa Boogie pedals, tubes, and other accessories. What is your favorite Mesa Boogie design? Talk to us and let us help you get geared up in 2015 and beyond!

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