New Year’s Resolution? Learn New Music!

With the start of a New Year, it’s time to reflect on last year and make some decisions. Many of us make a New Year’s Resolution to better ourselves; through fitness, kicking a bad habit, or finally taking that vacation you’ve dreamed of. It’s also a great time to improve your musicianship or start a brand new instrument! Our music lesson program instructors are ready to introduce you to a new instrument or new musical ideas to improve your skills, performance, or even just enough info to be part of a social group that plays music.

With the cold weather kicking in, why not include some music practice in your day to day life? Contact us at (603) 749-3138 or email us at to set up your appointment with your new music instructor. Lessons are just $25 per session! To learn more about the program and our instructors visit our music instruction page here.

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