Shopping for a Keyboard? We Can Help

Given today’s crowded market, choosing a keyboard can be a little confusing. How much should I pay? What brand should I get? How many keys will I need? What sounds am I really going to use? These are all important questions to ask when making a decision, and by the end of this segment, you should have a great working knowledge of what to look for.

The first step in most people’s journey in finding a keyboard is simple: find a good piano sound, preferably with a good feel. If you are a newer student to piano/keyboard, you may have instructions to get a keyboard with 88 Weighted Keys.¬†This is a great starting point, and most models that have 88 weighted keys are going to have the majority of features the average keyboard player will need. Here at Ear Craft, we highly recommend the Yamaha models P-35 and P-105, which are feature packed, value priced, and have a very reliable build quality with a 3 year warranty. The piano sounds good, and the other sound modules for organ, strings, bass, electric piano, and several other voices sound great. The keys feel realistic and responsive, making these instruments a great choice. We also repair all makes and models of keyboards imaginable and are authorized by Yamaha for most keyboard warranty repairs.

Other categories of keyboards venture into the realm of synthesizers. Most synth players are after a variety of sounds, depending on what style of music he or she is playing. One synth with a ton of features we love is the Roland VR-09, ¬†which has a combination of organ, piano, and synth sounds available with the push of a button. For organ enthusiasts, this keyboard is an excellent choice as the organ module has a manual drawbar for real time tone edits. The tones can be layered, looped, and it even has integral multi-effects such as distortion, reverb, compression, and delay. The keyboard is lightweight and portable, as the board itself is velocity sensitive, but not weighted like a piano action. The board is also shorter that a full “stage piano,” as it has 61 keys with octave up and down features to get access to the full range of audio spectrum.

We also carry a great selection of used and vintage synths for the vintage enthusiasts! If you have any questions regarding keyboards or any other musical instrument, please contact us at the store. We are here to help!