New Items and Staff Favorites in Stock Now! Mesa Boogie Cab Clone and More

Greetings Ear Craft Music friends and customers! We are here for another week of helping the local music community with gear, repair service, lessons, rentals, and more. We have some fun and cool new items in stock right now, including new guitars, amps, ukuleles, speakers, mixers, and plenty of used gear for your consideration. Here is just a partial list, there is always new stuff landing here at Ear Craft.

 1. Used Marshall JVM 410H and other amp heads!

Used Marshall JVM 410H

Looking for High Gain? Man, do we have you covered! Amp Heads in Stock Now: Used Peavey 3120, Mesa Boogie Mark Five & Mark Five 25, Mini Rectifier, Used Marshall JVM 410H, Hughes and Kettner Triamp MKII, Vintage Fender Showman, Used Fender Stage 100 Head, and some great small amp heads as well! We love trades, so if you would like to make an upgrade in power, bring your old amp in and use it as credit towards your next fire breathing monster amp!




2. Gator Pedalboards

Looking for a pedalboard solution with style that won’t shatter your bank account? Do you support USA Made products? Then these new Gator Aluminum Pedal Boards should be in your thought process! There boards are lightweight, include a very high quality carrying bag, and are packed with features that other pedal boards seem to skimp out on or charge extra for. Power supply mount? Check. Velcro? Check. A real carrying case that will go the distance? Check. Cool Colors? Check! So check it out and get those pedals mounted up and ready to hit the road.

3. Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Basses

USM-OUB500K_SideUkuleles are still growing in popularity and groups have been adding some low end options to their sound. The new Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Basses offer some competition in the market for those looking for a compact bass guitar in the Ukulele format. These have added ergonomic features that will make playing them even more comfortable along with looking great.


4. Washburn Mini Guitar

WCDM25SKThe market for a small, travel friendly guitar that looks as good as sounds seems alive and well, and Washburn has now made an entry with their comfort series of guitars, the WCDM25SK. It features a solid sitka spruce top with layered rosewood back and sides along with an ergonomic partial cutaway and shoulder bevel to make it a very enjoyable playing experience, especially given how good it sounds.


5. Roland JD-XI Keyboard and Vocoder

Roland JD-XI Synth and VocoderSomething very interesting in the keyboard and synth world is the new Roland JD-XI. There are a ton of features that this little machine has to offer, and I am no keyboard players, so I would encourage you to check out the you tube video that Roland produced to give you a really solid idea as what this powerhouse is capable of. It sounds great and seems very intuitive!


6. Mesa Boogie Cab Clone 

Mesa Boogie Cab CloneOne of the dark horse items that we ordered from Mesa Boogie when we became a authorized dealer late last year is the Cab Clone. Our customers have been very interested in the amps, cabs, and pedals we keep in stock, but for some reason the Cab Clone has not seen as much attention. We find this puzzling, as it is an exceptionally useful musical tool and sounds great both live and in a studio environment. One of the features I find quite useful is that is will offer a headphone jack for any tube amp, so you can get cranked tube-amp tone without bugging your family or neighbors late at night!