Which Keyboard is Right for Me?

Which Keyboard Is Right for Me?

Which Keyboard is Right For Me
Looking for keyboards? Ear Craft Music has you covered! From simple, portable keyboards that can run on batteries to sophisticated synthesizers and arrangers, our product specialists are here to assist you in selecting the right instrument for you. We carry some of the most popular brands, including Yamaha, Korg, Nord, Casio, Novation, IK Mulimedia, and many more. Our Store Manager Andy Verdi has been a keyboard specialist during his decades long career in Musical Instruments and is a great resource to learn even more about these keyboards! Contact us to discuss further or just stop by, we are open 7 days a week!

Ear Craft Music’s Selection: Digital Pianos
Some of our most popular keyboards include the fully weighted digital pianos such as the Yamaha P-115 and P-45. These value packed, great feeling keyboards have full sized, 88 key keybeds with internal speakers, headphone output, and general MIDI connectivity to grow with you. These instruments are an excellent choice for students of piano and keyboard as an alternative to an acoustic piano or a travel-ready instrument that sounds great in any location. They can be setup with optional wood paneled leg stands for a more finished look in family rooms or purchased with travel stands for the mobile musician. The Yamaha P-115 and P-45s are available at Ear Craft Music, so stop by and try one out for yourself! They start around $500 and include a 3 year warranty. Our portable, battery operated digital pianos are sold around $200 with everything you need to get started, but have less features and a more basic feeling keybed.
Synthesizers are a bit different from the digital pianos as the pianos rely on presets that are setup from the manufacturer and, for the most part, cannot be altered say for a few reverb effects. Synthesizers allow the user to alter sounds and presets, even building up sounds from scratch! While there are several types of synthesis, this post focuses on the basics: Analog, Analog modeling, and sample based. Analog synths are typically known for having a more ‘organic’ sound and feel, but also typically allow for much more hands-on sound editing in real-time without having to scroll through banks of presets. Analog modeling synths often behave much like the synths they are emulating but allow the user to save presets and have a more predictable performance both live and onstage. Ear Craft Music carries both types of synths, including a vintage Korg Delta that is all analog and has full keyboard polyphony. The Korg Delta is on sale now for $499!
One of the most impressive instruments in the store is the Nord Electro series. Focusing on emulating the Electro-mechanical keyboards such as the B3 and Clavinet, along with samples and licensed sounds from the tape based Mellotron, the Electro 5 61 Key offers all the power and feel in a smaller and more attainable package. It uses high-quality samples to give players an amazing range of tools, tones and textures that were once only attainable only through a collection of very expensive vintage gear. By using these digital samples, Nord has established legendary quality in construction and sound, and these instruments are ready for a lifetime on the road.

We will be posting even more keyboards and synths soon, so check in on us every once and while. Are you after a specific piece? Talk to us! Contact us at info@earcraftmusic.com or call us at 603.749.3138!

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