Ear Craft Music now offers TC Electronic Bass Amps, Effects Pedals, and Tuners!

Ear Craft Music now offers TC Electronic Bass Amps, Effects Pedals, and Tuners!


Reverbs, Delays, Flange, Chorus, Phase, and Tuning- These are just a few of the most popular pedal effects musicians look for. TC Electronic has built a rock-solid reputation to producing effects that cater to what these musicians want; great tone that fits with their individual sound. With TC’s Tone Print technology, each effect pedal can mutate into a custom version of that effect that can be tasteful and subtle to wild and outrageous. With full size and mini versions of their most popular pedals available, TC Electronic pedals mesh well in any musicians rig.

Product Spotlight Hall of Fame Stereo Reverb Pedal $149.99

“TC Electronic is synonymous with some of the best sounding reverbs out there – think of a song with reverb on it you’ve heard in the last 20 years and chances are it’s us. We’re talking from Michael Jackson to Dire Straits all the way up to Lady Gaga and back and everything in between. We collected the iconic reverb sounds you know and love into a neat little package that simply sounds so insanely good, you gotta try it.

10 different reverb types
Stereo I/O
Intuitive yet deep tonal options”

For the bass players of the world, the TC Electronic line of bass amps offers the same Tone Print effect capabilities, only specially tuned for bass frequencies! From compression to chorus, octave to flange, the TC BG series of bass amps are packed with tone, lightweight, and even have on-board tuners and db pads for those using active electronics! All this and more is now available at Ear Craft Music, so swing by and try one out today!


Product Spotlight: TC BG250-208 Bass Combo $479.99

“This is not the cute little practice amp you bring home to meet your mom! Diminutive in size and easy to transport but packing some serious punch, the BG250-208 is basically a great bass amp run through an atomic accelerator, resulting in pure tone and focus.

Light, Portable, Powerful

TonePrint Enabled

Tone Shaping Tools

Built-in Bass Tuner
And yes it’s great for practicing, easy to transport and easy on the eyes. But inside is a true tone monster.”







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