5 String Banjo Lessons

5 String Banjo Lessons with instructor Stan Mullaney

Stan Mullaney Banjo
Stan Mullaney, 5-String Banjo Lessons

Interested in taking banjo lessons? Our instructor Stan Mullaney has been playing the 5 string banjo since the Folk Music Revival of the 1960’s. While attending the University of Tennesee, he studied banjo with the studio musician David West. Upon returning to New England he continued lessons at the Music Emporium in Cambridge with Don Borchelt and Bela Fleck.

When instructing, Stan emphasis proper right hand attach and prides himself on helping his students “break through” to a true bluegrass sound. He concentrates on fundamentals, working toward a clean picking sound. His students concentrate on smoothing their rolls and improving their timing. He also enjoys integrating banjo into jazz and traditional American standards as well as playing bluegrass and American folk.

Stan has been building and restoring banjos for many years. He is now retired after a 40+ year career as a New Hampshire trial lawyer. He now concentrates on his life-long love of the 5 String Banjo and offering new students banjo lessons whenever he is available.