Music Lessons


Music Lessons at Ear Craft Music in Dover, New Hampshire

The Ear Craft Music Lessons Program is here to provide an excellent and enriching music education experience.

Our roster of instructors are some of the best in New Hampshire and provide insight, passion, and professionalism to their work with students of all ages. Most of these fine people are professional musicians or educators and can be found performing on a regular basis. To learn more about the music lessons & teachers, please select from the lesson types below.


If you are interested in becoming a student, there are a few policies you should be aware of. Weekly lessons are $36.00 per half hour session or $72.00 per full hour sesson. Scheduling is done on convenience of the students and the existing schedule of the instructor. Advance monthly payments should reflect the oncoming 4 to 5 week month, made payable to the Ear Craft Music before the first lesson of the month. Week to week payments are not allowed in the interest of regular appointments for the instructors.

Should a lesson need to be cancelled or rescheduled, 24 hours advanced notice before the scheduled lesson is required. If the cancelled lesson cannot be rescheduled within a week, it will be counted as ‘unexcused.’  Students are permitted one (1) cancellation in a four (4) month period; all other unexcused absences will not be credited. In-climate weather and school cancellations must be rescheduled.  Holidays that the store is closed are excused.

If no advanced notice is given of cancellation, and if the student is in excess of allotted excused cancellations, the lesson will not be credited. Should a  cancellation fall on the first lesson of the month, the student must pay for the missed lesson along with remaining weeks of the month on or before the next scheduled lesson.

In the unlikely event of the Instructor needing a cancellation, the Instructor must also give 24 hour advanced notice to the student and the lesson will be rescheduled.