Band Instrument Lessons

Band Instrument Lessons at Ear Craft Music
Ed Mitchell

For Band Instrument Lessons, please contact us here.

Ed Mitchell brings over 40 years of private music teaching to Ear Craft. He specializes in all popular Brass and Woodwind instruments, especially Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, and Clarinet. He revived his Bachelor of Music Degree at Eastern Nazarene College.¬† Ed has held many titles in his professional career, which includes Choral Music Conductor, School Band Director, and long standing member of the Boston Fireman’s Band. Ed also has a long history of performing in clubs and venues in numerous function bands and ensembles.

Ed works with students of all ages and abilities. His experience and methodology have led to the development of hundreds and hundreds of student musicians along his career. He is available for All-State and Jazz All State  audition preparation. He also offers a Summer Jazz Ensemble Program consisting of four rehearsals and a one hour performance at the end of the program. For more information, please contact Ed here at the store and let him know what you are looking to develop.

Ear Craft Music has been offering music lessons for many years. Our musical instrument store has served Dover New Hampshire and the greater New England region since 1974. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of instruments for sale as well offering excellent repair and rental services. Ed Mitchell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with Band Instruments and has been instrumental in helping us serve customers with choosing instrument when they need to purchase a new or used trumpet, sax. flute, or any other type of band instrument. If you have any questions about lessons or need help with purchasing your next brass or woodwind instrument, please contact us and Ed can help you out!