Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons with Rebecca Adams at Ear Craft MusicRebecca Adams- Violin, Viola, & Cello

For violin lessons, cello lessons, and viola lessons, please contact us!

An accomplished string player and educator, Rebecca Adams has had tremendous success working with violinists, violists and cellists in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, teaching and encouraging them to reach their highest potential.  Her education in violin started at age seven, and blossomed into playing several different instruments by high school.  She played in district and state orchestras and always knew that she wanted to be a string teacher.

Rebecca studied at the University of New Hampshire for Music Education.

At UNH she learned to play piano, flute, bass and found a particular interest in the cello.  She played in a variety of settings, including orchestra, small chamber groups, choral groups and did several community orchestras.  Later, Rebecca decided to back to school for a Master’s Degree in Education at Southern New Hampshire University.

From that she gained many best practice techniques for teaching and has become an even better teacher for it.

Rebecca has been teaching professionally at Ear Craft since 2008 and enjoys teaching a wide range of interests, abilities, and ages.  She believes that music should be available to everyone and tries to create an individual program of study that caters to her student’s learning style and interest.  She has experience with the Suzuki method, and, although classically trained, has found a new appreciation in recent years of fiddling and feels comfortable teaching both styles.

Rebecca’s genuine interest in music as well as her passion for teaching the individual leads her to be a successful teacher for many different learners, and in turn has created many great learning relationships.  Whatever your passion, she will strive to not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.[/threecol_two_last]