Yamaha Offering The Best Acoustics Under $200!

If you are in the market for your first acoustic guitar or perhaps interested in purchasing a guitar for a friend or family member, these guitars should have your attention. Yamaha continues to baffle our staff with how good these guitars under $200 are. Since the internet loves to makes lists, here is a quick one from us at Ear Craft;

  1. Yamaha FS800 ($199.99) <– Click link to order, more in stock soon. This Yamaha is a full size guitar with a compact body, making it an excellent “strum on the couch” guitar. It features a solid spruce top, giving it a near professional level tone for a fraction of what many pay for a professional instrument. The quality is high, tone is excellent, and is immediately playable after tuning it up out of the box. We have 10 on order arriving soon as they sell out all the time.
  2. Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe ($199.99) <– Click Link to Order. Want a more traditional body shape with a bunch of extras? The gigmaker series has been a mainstay of first time guitar students because it comes with everything you need to get started; a solid top guitar, gig bag, tuner, picks, strap, and some learning materials. We’ve seen players keep these guitars for years as a camp/beater guitar while they rock something nicer on stage.
  3. Yamaha Gigmaker Standard ($179.99) <– Clink Link to Order. Want to save a few bucks?  The standard pack offers everything the Deluxe pack has, except the guitar has a laminate top. The tone of the guitar won’t be as rich, but it will be more durable and is suitable for folks who tend to be a little harder on instruments. It won’t require as much attention to humidity, but we do suggest you keep it safe with proper storage with proper temperature and humidity.
  4. Yamaha JR2-TBS ($169.99) <— Click Link to Order.  Looking for a compact guitar for a kid or a petite person? Perhaps an ultra compact but high quality instrument? Consider the Yamaha JR series. The JR2 in Tobacco Sunburst includes an excellent gig bag that’s perfect for taking out and about, either to lessons or just adventuring in the world. It has a short scale length and narrow neck, making it a comfortable instrument for kids and folks who want a smaller, ergonomic guitar.
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