Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier


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Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier 20 Watts

Blackstar has offered up an amplifier that integrates itself into any guitar player’s every day life! While it’s compact size and feature set may not be designed for a stage environment, this little Bluetooth enabled Blackstar ID:Core BEAM will keep you rocking all day! When you are ready to plug in and get some practice, writing, or recording done, this amp has a wide tonal range and stereo speaker spread for a huge sounding guitar tone, complete with reverb, delay, and modulation effects. You can plug in your bass, acoustic, or electric guitar and dial in a great sound for whatever sound that’s in your head. Want to record your ideas? TheĀ Blackstar ID:Core BEAM has a USB port so you can plug right into your computer and keep those musical ideas from slipping through the cracks.

When it’s not in use as a guitar amp and audio interface, this little speaker will connect with your smartphone or tablet as a Bluetooth speaker, and it sounds awesome! You can even play along to your favorite songs if you are learning cover material or practicing to a track sent over from other musicians you work with. So, if you think you don’t have room for another amplifier in your life, think again. ThisĀ Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier has tone, convenience, and features in a compact size perfect for every day use, either at home or on the road. Check it out at Ear Craft Music to hear it in person.